Tips For Improving Your Home’s Insulation

1. Think About The Savings
Adding insulation may be one of them, so check with the your Department of Energy to see if any of these rebates, credits, and/or savings apply to you if you install new insulation in your home.

2. Get An Energy Audit For Your Home
During an energy audit, the technician may conduct a blower door test, which uses a high-powered fan to reduce your home’s air pressure.

3. Understand The Different Types Of Insulation
-Blanket insulation – most commonly used. Comes in rolls or sheets and fits perfectly between rafters and wall joists.
-Blown-in Insulation – Made of recycled newspapers, fiberglass, or other materials that can be blown into a space to fill it.
-Spray foam – the most expensive, this insulation consists of chemicals that harden to fill a space and create an airtight barrier.

4. Install Insulation In The Right Places
Insulation is strategically placed to maximize energy efficiency and comfort. If your budget is tight, consider starting at the top of your home and working your way down as your budget permits.

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Just because it’s easy to read books on digital devices doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a library to read and work in at home.

Use the tips above to create an inspiring, relaxing home library in any room.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

Paint the bookcases in your library a bold color like black (opt for a lacquered finish to really make a statement) and accent the shelves with metallic pieces for a dramatic effect.

2. Give Existing Bookcases A Facelift

Take out a few or all of the shelves and build a custom insert to liven up space. If you aren’t the DIY type, hire a cabinet maker to build the insert for you.

3. Turn Any Space Into Your Library

Think about shelving that’s unique and colors that make you feel good. As you’re decorating the space, don’t forget to add personal touches like knick-knacks and the like to make the room your own.

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✨Is the outside of your home looking a little drab lately? Give it a fresh, new look by painting the exterior.

3 easy steps to a fresh, new home exterior

Step 1 – wash your house (one day)
You’ll need a pressure washer (it’s the easiest way to tackle this step), a long-handled scrub brush, and cleaning solution.

Step 2 – make repairs (one weekend)
For this step, be sure you have an entire weekend free to take care of any wear or damage you found as you washed the exterior of your home.

Step 3 – paint (one month)
Take your time and make it look great. Here’s the timeline.

Week 1 – replace the front door casing.
Plan it all out on paper before heading to the home improvement store for supplies.

Week 2 – paint the siding
Tape and cover any surfaces you won’t be painting (windows, light fixtures, etc.) and use an angled brush to make clean lines along edges.

Week 3 – put on the second coat
Take some sandpaper to any drips or debris you find in the first coat of paint and then apply a second coat.

Week 4 – add the finishing touches
Anyone can give their home a fresh, new look following the simple steps above.

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An exterior house-painting project can be a lot of work and take a lot of time.

Here are some of the required steps:

Step 1 – Wash Your House

Washing the exterior of your house should only take one day.

Step 2 – Make Repairs

You can do this over the weekend as long as you don't have a lot of repairs to make!

Step 3 – Paint

This is the big part! It may take several weeks to paint the entire exterior of your house. It's recommended to go section by section.

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Always wanted an island in your kitchen?

Anyone who loves do-it-yourself projects and is handy with simple tools can make this Ikea-inspired kitchen island in just five easy steps. Here’s how to make one!



3 Billy Bookcases (two 31×40 inch, one 15×40 inch)
1 Numerar butcher block countertop
1-inch particleboard screws
Liquid nails
Finishing nails

Step 1: Assemble the bookcases.

Step 2: Attach the bookcases to each other by countersinking 1-inch particle board screws three inches from the top and bottom.

Step 3: Make cleats from 2x4s and attach the shelves to the floor.

Step 4: Attach the butcher’s block to the top of the shelves to make it look like one solid piece of furniture. Use Liquid Nails and finishing nails to make it sturdy.

Step 5: Finish the island by cutting and attaching molding and beadboard. Stain or paint the island to match your kitchen décor.

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When you open your pantry, does it send a small bit of anxiety through your body?

✨Imagine what a treat it would be if your pantry were neat, clean, and organized! Here are several tips to help you do just that.

1. Clean It Out
Start at the ceiling and remove any cobwebs hanging in the corners and work your way down. Wipe shelving, and if you’re feeling ambitious, give them a fresh coat of paint.

2. Take Stock Of What You Have
Throw out expired food items and start a box for donations to your local food pantry of items you won’t be using.
For example, move seldom-used items to the back or to a lower shelf to make room for the things you use most within easy reach.

3. Make It Easy To See What You Have
For instance, baking ingredients like flour and sugar look great in clear mason jars while rice, beans, and other dry goods make for a pleasant display in tightly sealed plastic containers with lids.

4. Purchase Storage Solutions
Your list may include things like mason jars, plastic containers, baskets, wire racks, spice racks, racks for plastic wrap and aluminum foil, etc.

5. Put Your Pantry Back Together
Be sure to group like items together – sugar and flour with other baking ingredients, for example – and face canned goods forward for easy viewing. Keep arranging and rearranging until you have the pantry you’ve always dreamed of.

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️ Are you looking to make your bedroom a more calming space? If so, keep reading to find several easy ways to detoxify your space.

1. Clean With Lemon Juice
Try squeezing fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle and diluting it with water to create a cleaning solution that’s naturally antibacterial and leaves a fresh scent behind.

2. Invest In Red Lighting
Try replacing your room’s regular white lightbulb with a red one or hang some red LEDs in your room to turn it on when you turn out the lights.

3. Hang A Plant
Plants not only brighten up a space but also help detoxify the air and lower anxiety.

4. Leave Technology Out
Rather than scroll through Facebook before bed, try reading a book instead. Also, switch out your phone’s alarm clock feature for a manual solar-powered alarm clock instead to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary.

5. Introduce Lavender Into The Space
You have many options for introducing lavender into your bedrooms such as a lavender-infused sleep mask, soy lavender-scented candles, or even lavender pillow spray.

6. Revamp With Voc-free Paint
While this kind of paint can be more pricey than regular paint, it won’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air in your bedroom.

7. Choose The Right Colors
Without a doubt, the best color for a bedroom is blue. Use varying shades of blue to decorate your bedroom to create a calming, relaxing space conducive to a better night’s sleep.

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Read on to discover four easy ways to save up for the down payment on your next investment property.

1. Use The 50/30/20 Rule
Spend 50 percent of your income on mandatory expenses such as rent, student loans, etc.

Use 30 percent of your income for discretionary spending. This includes things like your Netflix subscription, gym membership, and any other entertainment you enjoy. A budgeting app can alert you when you get close to your 30-percent limit, so you know when to dial back your shopping habit.

Finally, put the last 20 percent of your income into a savings account and don’t touch it.

2. Develop A Timeline To Acquire The Property You Want
If you’ve decided you want to be the owner of an investment property worth $100,000 in two years’ time, figure out how much you’ll need to put aside each month to reach the $20,000 down payment amount and then get busy.

3. Automate Your Budget
Set up fixed/mandatory bills to come out of your account on the same day. This way, you’ll be able to see exactly how much they are. Next, set up an automatic transfer of 20 percent of your income into an account designated especially for the down payment on an investment property. Anything left in your regular account is what you can spend on anything you want.

4. Get Rid Of Things That Don’t Add Value To Your Life
Take a look at your expenses and determine the things that don’t add much value to your life or the things you can do without. This might include magazine subscriptions or the highest cable TV package, for example. Cutting back or doing away with these “extra” expenses can help you put more money aside for that investment property you dream of.

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Being a landlord takes a fair amount of time. If you have a full-time job in addition to being a landlord, it can be difficult finding time to do it all.

Here are three ways you can automate some of your landlord responsibilities to free up some time.

3 Steps To Automating Your Landlord Responsibilities

1. Automate the tenant-finding process. Take plenty of pictures that showcase your rental and the surrounding neighborhood.

2. Automate the lease and rent collection
For your first lease, you’ll want to hire an attorney to create it so it meets all the legal aspects required by your state. From there, you can customize it to suit each tenant.

3. Automate the tenant onboarding process. When a new tenant moves in, it’s almost like a new employee starting a job. There is a certain amount of onboarding to be done. For instance: a move-in inspection – make a walk-through of the rental with the tenant and note any issues. Have the tenant sign it.

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Is flipping houses the right investment for you? How does it work, and what are the risks?

Below, we’ll take a quick look at what mistakes to avoid.

1. Not having enough money

It’s vital that you research all the costs associated with buying, owning, and repairing a home in order to sell it for a profit later.

2. Not having enough time

Once everything is done, you’ll need to put the home up for sale and show it to prospective buyers.

3. Not possessing the right skills

Many house flippers are actually construction, plumbing, and electrical professionals with the skills to do most of the work themselves.

4. Not knowing about real estate investing

You also need to understand real estate laws, tax laws, and be able to choose which repairs are necessary and which are not.

5. Not being patient

Be sure you consider the five pitfalls above to be sure you know what you’re getting into.

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✨ Life lessons every millennial real estate investor should know

1. Be Genuine and Have Integrity

2. Build a Network With Your Personal Touch

3. Learn to Communicate Effectively

4. Be Willing to Admit When You’re Wrong

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Do you have small children or pets in your home? What about someone with a weakened immune system?

⬇️ If so, you may want to add disinfecting your floors to your sanitizing routine. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Not Everyone Needs To Disinfect Their Floors
The best way to go about disinfecting your floors is to begin where you enter the house. Entryways are notoriously germy as that’s where everyone comes in with shoes on.

2. Use Steam To Disinfect
Steam cleaners work on almost every type of flooring, including carpeting. Make sure it reaches temperatures of at least 167ºF, which is the temperature the CDC recommends for killing most bacteria and viruses.

3. Mopping
Regular floor cleaners typically contain surfactants that loosen bacteria so it can be mopped away. After mopping with a household floor cleaner, be sure to follow up with a spray disinfectant that contains rubbing alcohol or bleach to fully disinfect the floor.

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